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INITIATIVE announcement #3: Veteran's SQUARE


Initiative Announcement: Veteran’s Square

I am thrilled to announce my third initiative. This initiative represents my vision, direction, and ambition for the Mayor’s position. Over the last few months I have been gathering feedback and commentary from residents of Muskego. This has mostly been collected from walking neighborhood’s and listening to residents. I have established a list of concerns ranked 1-2. 

1. The absence of a centralized downtown area for Muskego

2. Veteran’s Recognition

In December I started to become more fluent with these concerns because of the frequency they were brought up. I decided to take the initiative and begin drafting a concept plan that includes public input, and clearly outlines my vision and direction. After all, running for this position is more than experience and entitlement. I am a firm believer that a mayor should be a visionary for the city he/she represents. Below are some pictures from two separate architectural firms that assisted me with visuals for this idea. 

VETERAN’S SQUARE: This concept plan includes a Veteran’s Memorial that commemorates armed forces veterans, volunteer fire fighters, and local police officers. The site plan also includes areas for a farmers market, small park for kids, and a multi-use amphitheater (giving the community infrastructure to begin hosting live music events and other events). This specific concept plan provides a new post office with a community center for residents (of all ages) to use at their convenience. There is a concept “brew pub” and “tenants”. Including green energy and technology into the project will make the square efficient as well. This concept is intended to honor and respect our small town routes and heritage that has represented Muskego in its entirety. 

LOCATION: The location of this project was drawn up by the current post office on Janesville Road. This was selected because 1. It makes the most sense because it’s the center of the town and 2. Both lots are currently for sale. I would like to stress that this is only a concept plan, which also means that the location is a concept as well. This could potentially happen in different areas along Janesville.

IMPLEMENTATION: Continuing to include public input is a priority for me. Having my ear to the ground and listening to the people will help determine the viability and need for a project such as this.

COST/DEVELOPMENT: If this project would be advanced into a structured plan, it could be developed with a three stage development plan. This would alleviate the need for a referendum, and limit the burden on the taxpayer. Including private entities to pay for parts of the parking, memorial, and community center will also limit the tax burden.

I would like to thank Zimmerman Architectural Studios and Plunkett Raysich Architects for the assistance and help for visual renderings of this concept idea.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: You can view this initiative along with a code analysis packet and site plan on this at my website: www.dombrowskiformayor.com/initiatives 

This project was cleared by the Wisconsin Elections and Ethics Commission.

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Pictures of concept site plans and renderings can be found below