Dan Dombrowski for Mayor of Muskego

nEW and Fresh Perspectives FROM A POLITICAL OUTSIDER

 I am a political outsider that will provide a practical and common sense approach to city development and growth. I am confident that experiences from my professional career will assist me in executing the duties of Mayor. 

Dan Dombrowski For Mayor of Muskego

Right growth of muskego

 I will re-task the zoning committee to change direction on the development of agricultural land. Acreage minimums for residential properties will limit the “stacking” of houses, this will prevent the destruction of our rural-suburban atmosphere. 

Dan Dombrowski For Mayor of Muskego

Finding our roots

 Cattails have been the centerpiece of Muskego branding for the entirety of its existence. Cattails represent the rural-suburban atmosphere of Muskego, they are even on our welcome signs when you enter the city. Why are we using cattails to brand Muskego when at every chance they are destroyed? Why is every farm field being converted into residential developments? The roots of this great city are being lost as we speak. I support the growth of Muskego, but it has to be the right growth.